Active Therapy for
a Life of Vitality

ActiveTherapy Alliance is a rehabilitation and sports therapy facility offering a comprehensive, whole-body approach to health and vitality.

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Advance in your passion for movement!

While physical therapy is often associated with injury recovery, the Active Therapy approach focuses on enhancing total  performance for all  individuals at any age.

Overcome chronic pain that limits movement
Prevent injury in sports and daily life
Achieve greater vitality through movement

Our Services

With dozens of unique therapeutics, we provide active therapy in the following three areas

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Training for a Specific Sport?

• Running
• Biking/Cycling
• Crossfit
• Tennis
• Swimming
• Football

• Volleyball
• Baseball
• Rock climbing
• Gymnastics
• Martial Arts
• Power Lifting

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the questions we commonly hear at Active Therapy

Do I need a referral?

The short answer is no! You can easily schedule an appointment with our therapists without a prescription. Depending upon the needs of the client, we then work out a strategic plan to move forward with the patient goals in mind.

Don't have a PCP - No Problem. We have unique connections and partnerships with providers around the community to meat the needs of our patients.

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Do you offer training sessions?

We believe that movement is medicine and that includes VITAL MOVEMENT. As a Vital Movement Member, our training programs help all of our #ActiveAthletes achieve optimal performance for every season of their sport.

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Do you take insurance?

We do! Click HERE to see a list of our in-network providers. This list is ever-changing as some insurance companies do not place value on the level of service we provide. Call us for a free verification check.

No Insurance - No problem! We also offer cash rate services as well as packages to fit any patients journey

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Where are you located?

Our space is our favorite and we cannot wait to share it with you! We are located off of highway 6 across from Ascension Hospital. We are at 331 West Highway 6, Suite G, Waco, Texas 76710

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Hear from our clients & members

Explore the transformative journeys of our clients at ActiveTherapy Alliance

“Active is an amazing tool to have in your wellness tool kit, and I am blessed to know each and every employee there.”

Jessica Lammert, SPT
(Doctoral Candidate)

Waco, TX

"Working with ActiveTherapy not only helped me get stronger but taught me valuable tools and exercises for my sport!"

Ben Blalock

Waco, TX
image of patient smiling

“Would recommend ActiveTherapy to anyone looking to prevent joint pain in the body.”

Steve Martin

Waco, TX
image of man shooting a bow

"Active taught me the importance of movement and the possibility to build strength!"

John Carter

Waco, TX
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